Control Spider Mites using MiteShield

Control Spider Mites on your plants by applying MiteShield – how to

Controlling Spider Mites using MiteShield is easy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find. Simply follow these instructions to prepare the solution for both organic and hydroponic growing situations.

MiteShield in Powder medium instructions

To circumvent export restrictions on liquids, MiteShield is now shipped in a powder form. You’ll receive a standard MiteShield bottle with white powder instead of liquid.

To prepare, fill the bottle with the best water available and shake the bottle vigorously for 30 seconds, until the powder is mostly dissolved in the water. Now simply follow the instructions for MiteShield in a liquid form.

MiteShield in liquid medium instructions

  1. Empty 10ml (0.34 fl oz) of formula into a 2 litre disposable vessel filled with good quality water. A 2 litre mineral water bottle is ideal. (4.23 US pints)
  2. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds to mix the formula with the water. Striking the bottle on the floor as you do so.
  3. Take a disposable cup and water each affected plant with approx 200ml of the solution. (6.76 fl oz). Make sure the roots get a decent drink of the solution.
  4. Recycle the container and cup.
  5. Allow up to 6 days for the effects to be seen
  6. Only one application should be necessary.

MiteShield can also be applied even if your plants do not have an infestation, to control Spider Mites preventatively.

For Hydroponic systems, follow the instructions above and add the prepared solution into the reservoir. 2 litres for every 10 plants in the system. Only use if the water is exposed to UV light at some point in the system. More details here for hydroponics growers.

It’s important that you don’t apply the solution more than once when using MiteShield to control Spider Mites (unless after 6 days only a partial response has been seen). This is why we suggest using a disposable vessel to mix the solution. You may keep this vessel if you wish to prepare more MiteShield if you use it just for this purpose.

If you do use a watering can or other vessel then it must be steam cleaned with boiling water or exposed to UV light for two hours afterwards to denature any residual solution remaining.

Download the Mite Shield Instruction Leaflet PDF for printout.

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