About MiteShield

Spider Mite

Spider Mite

MiteShield takes a new approach to getting rid of Spider Mites organically by strengthening the plant rather than attacking the pest.

Plants in their healthiest states are naturally pest-resistant and this formula boosts the health of the plant so that it can fend off the infestation using its own natural defences.

Our testing so far has shown that MiteShield is:

  • Effective: Spider Mites are entirely gone from the treated plant within 6 days at the most.
  • Economical: Only one application of the solution is necessary per plant which lasts for at least three months, if not longer.
  • Organic: The preparation is completely non-toxic, leaving a next to no footprint in the growing environment.
  • Efficient: Spider Mites leave of their own accord as they have no food source – a much less laborious solution than manual removal of the mite from the growing environment.

This product arose out of  researches into natural health, organic farming methods and herbal remedies.

Is the first in a series of preparations aimed at common problems growers’ encounter with their plants and at increasing the quality and quantity of yield.

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