Spider Mites cleared from cuttings

Recent feedback from our MiteShield Facebook subscriber, Adam.

Spider Mite by squashbottomcat http://www.flickr.com/photos/87694460@N00/2028310367/in/set-72157617568585670/

Spider Mite

Hey Guys We dosed 8 Cuttings with mites and 2 adult plants without, The adult plants are Mite free still and as of 2 days ago the cuttings seem to be mite free now too! The cuts new leaves have no evidence of mites. They were dosed on the 11th sept as per instructions and seems to be doing the job. My friend has a particularly bad time with mites to it will be good test to see if any return. So all good so far! Let you know in a month or so with an update. Thanks again guys! adam.

Thanks for your feedback, Adam 🙂
Two months later, Adam updated us..
Just received some feedback. 2 months since dosing cuttings and a month into flower still no sign of mites. Quite impressive considering this person had a consistently bad time with infestations. The basil I tried it on is now free of bugs. Good results so far miteshield. 🙂