MiteShield – Spider Mite Control, Organic & Natural

Spider mite control, organically with MiteShield

Spider mite control, organically with MiteShield

Spider mite control, free of toxicity in just one application,  MiteShield is an organic preparation that strengthens a plant’s natural defences against Spider Mites. It Boosts the health of the plant so that it can naturally get rid of a Spider Mite infestation.

Organic Spider Mite Control with MiteShield.

MiteShield is simple to use, non-toxic, safe and takes between two to six days for the plant to develop Spider Mite resistance.

Only one application is typically necessary. It can also be used as a preventative measure on plants, especially where the spidermite is known to be in the environment.

Its non-toxic nature makes it an ideal method of organic spider mite control, especially for those who are growing food and herbs naturally, with minimal interventions.

Prepared in 2 litres of water, MiteShield is given to the roots of the plant to drink. 50ml of MiteShield makes enough to treat 10 medium-sized plants

Don’t just take our word for it – scan the growing number of testimonials that growers have been sending us after their spider mite infested plants were sorted out by an application of MiteShield..

Indoors, outdoors in soil or in hydroponics systems, MiteShield can be used on plants wherever they are rooted.

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